Ampeg Micro CL Stack

By A Mystery Man Writer

The Micro-CL 100W 2x10 MIni Bass Stack from Ampeg delivers the look and sound of classic Ampeg that you've heard in countless recordings, TV shows and concerts on a miniaturized scale. Let's face it. If you could keep your full SVT stack in your living room you would. With the MIcro-CL it's not only possible, but plausible. Ampeg took their Classic SVT rig, the sonic reference point by which all other bass amps are measured, and made it manageable and functional.

Ampeg Micro CL Stack 2nd Hand

Ampeg Micro-CL Stack Amplificador Bajo

Live - Ampeg Micro-CL 2x10 100watt Bass Amp Honest Review!

Pre-Owned Ampeg Micro-CL Bass Stack

Ampeg Micro CL 100-Watt 2x10 Compact Solid State Bass Amp Stack

100-watt Solid-state Bass Amplifier Head with Dual Inputs, Effects Loop, Headphone Output, Stereo Line Input, and 2 x 10 Speaker Cabinet

Ampeg Micro-CL 2 x 10-inch 100-watt Bass Stack

Ampeg Micro-CL 2x10 100-Watt Bass Stack

Ampeg MICRO-CL Micro-CL Bass Amp Stack - 100-Watt Head with 2 x 10 Cabinet (99-015-1205)

Preowned Ampeg Micro-CL Bass Amp Head & 2x10 Cabinet

User manual Ampeg MICRO-CL Stack (English - 8 pages)


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