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DENVER, COLORADO, December, 2018 – Eagle Claw® Trokar®, the U.S. manufacturer of premium quality fish hooks expands on the popular line-up of award winning Trokar hooks with the TK137 Finesse hook. Available with (TK137W) and without (TK137) hand tied weed guards, these hooks are meticulously designed to be the ultimate tool in finesse fishing. Featuring […]

Trokar Pro-V Finesse Hook - FishUSA

Bass Pro Shops Top Gear - Collegiate Bass Championship

Trokar Pro-V Finesse Hook - FishUSA

Collegiate Bass Fishing Tournament News - Collegiate Bass Championship

Eagle Claw Trokar TK137 Finesse Hook

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Pro-V Bucktail Jig - Trokar

Trokar TK133 Pro-V Flippin Hooks by Eagle Claw - Forget everything you know about hooks. The rules just changed. TroKar hooks feature an entirely new, patented hook sharpening technology that is unrivaled in the fishing industry. The point shapes and grid angles are adjusted for each hook based on fishing technique, gap and even wire diameter. TroKar's Surgically Sharpened hooks require half the pressure of other hooks to penetrate.

Eagle Claw Trokar Big Nasty Flippin Hook

Collegiate Bass Fishing News - Collegiate Bass Championship

Both the L570V and TK570V will fit jig molds used for the classic Eagle Claw branded 570 jig hook. Not to be overlooked, the Pro-V bend offers anglers a sleeker profile with a bend that is stronger than comparable round bend hooks. The bend also creates a pocket that aids in holding baits in place. Available July 2019, the Lazer Sharp and Trokar Pro-V Aberdeen Jig hooks are purpose built to withstand a wide array of conditions and target species.

Eagle Claw TK570VP-3/0 Trokar Pro-V 570 Jig Hook

TROKAR Saltwater Tuna Fishing HD Offset Circle Magnum Hook TK619H

Collegiate Bass Fishing Tournament News - Collegiate Bass Championship

Features: The Eagle Claw Trokar TK619HR Magnum Ringed Circle Hook is a premium 619 circle hook with a welded ring. The TK619HR hook features Trokar's famous 3-sided, surgically sharpened point. This hook has the backbone needed to bring in the toughest tuna and saltwater gamefish. The 619 Circle is a high-performance, high durability saltwater circle hook shape.

Eagle Claw TK619HR-11/0 Trokar Magnum 619 Ringed Circlle Hook

TROKAR Saltwater Tuna Fishing HD Offset Circle Magnum Hook TK619H

The TK2 is enhanced with the patented Trokar point which is designed, engineered, and tested in the United States using American Steel. The Trokar point and overall design produce a hook requiring half the pressure of the leading competition for hookset. The extremely sharp Trokar point and twenty-two-degree offset work together to help ensure higher hook-up ratios. Available options include the Medium Wire TK2 featured here, heavy wire, and Pro-V Bend.

Eagle Claw TK2-2/0 Trokar Longshank Octopus Hook, Sz 2/0, Down


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