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Alright guys, We throw a lot of the fish back, but for those we keep, Im getting tired of kneeling at side of boat with a board trying to hold onto both the board and the fish without losing my knife overboard. I know that every boat setup is different, but just looking for ideas that anyone uses

21 Best Fish cleaning table ideas

Angler Outdoor Products Fish Game Cleaning Table

The $5 Fillet Table

7 Fish cleaning station ideas fish cleaning station, fish

Non Skid Fish Fillet Mat- Pressure down on the fish and the mat gets a grip, it will help to hold the fish from sliding while filleting. No more

Fish Fillet Mat with Fish Measuring Sticker Portable Fish Cleaning & Cutting Board Grips Fish for Easy Filleting, Large 14x28

Fish cleaning dilemma Michigan Sportsman Forum

Custom Dock Fish Cleaning Station Designs

21 Best Fish cleaning table ideas

Fish cleaning station plans, pictures or ideas?

Free Standing Leaning Post Tackle Unit


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