KetchProducts on X: The OG Ketch fish measuring boards with the black cradle are discontinued. While they last you can get them for a great deal. Don't forget a tether! 26

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Ketch Products Karbonate Board - FishUSA

Ketch Products – Ketch Products is a premium outdoor products

Ketch Products Karbonate Measuring Boards - Melton Tackle

Ketch Products Inc.

The Ketch X Aluminum Fish Measuring Board is a durable and accurate. Approved by most Kayak Fishing Tournament series including Hobie BOS, KBF, BASS,

ketch X Aluminum Fish Measuring Board

The Old Town measuring board by Ketch is the device you want on-board to measure your catch. Quickly and accurately measure fish on this durable aluminum board. It's a great accessory for all Old Town fishing kayaks! Available at Travel Country Outfitters.

Ketch Products x Board | 26 in. | FishUSA

Ketch Products Inc.

Ketch Products Karbonate Board - FishUSA

Ketch Scientific – Ketch Products

Ketch Products Inc.

26″ Ketch Karbonate – Ketch Products

Ketch X Fish Measuring Board - Battlefield Outdoors

Ketch Karbonate Fish Measuring Board (16 Inch


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