Rapala Lighted Line Counter

By A Mystery Man Writer

The Rapala Digital Line Counter is designed to attach to either a baitcast or spinning rod and is loaded with functionality. The digital display with backlight provides easy readability. Depth Lock saves and displays the line distance with 1 touch. The depth alarm sounds when the line reaches your desired distance. A line guide with release quickly disengages line from the wheel when needed. An integrated rod mount holds the line counter securely to your rod. Imperial and metric options.

Rapala Digital Line Counter

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Rapala Lighted Line Counter

ラパラ ラインカウンター 【RLLC】 RaPaLa Lighted Line Counter

Rapala Digital Line Counter

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Rapala Lighted Fishing Line Counter RLLC Trolling Bottom Fishing to 999' NEW - Mehfil Indian Restaurant

Rapala Lighted Line Counter Grey

Счетчик лески Rapala Lighted Line Counter (с подсветкой) по цене

Rapala Line Counter


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