Rocket Catfish Polyball Surface Livebait Rig (30mm Polyball) x 4 - Get fishing faster and cheaper - Rocket Rigs

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These rigs are tied on 45lb

Tying a polyball rig. Livebait fishing for catfish.

Catfish Ready Made Rigs

Rocket Pike Polyball Livebait Rig (2 x 20mm Polyballs) - Get

Rapala XR10PGH X-Rap Jerkbait 4 7/16 oz Purple Ghost Suspending


Dovesun Catfish Rigs Catfish Float Rigs 6PCS

Looking to catch massive catfish in the rivers and lakes of the United States? We have an exceptional solution for you - the Catfish Float Rattler

Catfish-Rig-for-Bank-Fishing-Catfishing-Tackle-Floats-with-Rattler-Santee Cooper Rig Equipment

Gourami Catfish rig,Demon Dragon Catfish Floats

Wonderful plastic lures for anglers. Delicate workmanship, simulation fish body, the details are handled well. This big lure use environmentally-friendly high quality ABS material, reusable and long-term preserved. Simulated colors and realistic fish swimming action to attract fishes. With steel ball inside, control barycenter easily, cast far. 3D eyes make it a powerful fishing catching tool. This artificial lure can be used in both saltwater and freshwater.

Sfeexun Swimbaits for Bass Lifelike 4 Segment Big Giant Sinking Fishing Bass Lures Artificial Hard Bait Swimbait for Fishing, Great for Fisherman Dad


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