NEW, Versatile Iron Decoy Steely Fishing Spoon Lures

By A Mystery Man Writer

New to the fishing lure industry, Iron Decoy has entered with their new line of Steely fishing spoons. They look promising and like nothing else out there.

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Bitcoin #186 - Coinopolys

Christmas in Coconut Creek

Ice Line & Lures Kittery Trading Post

Iron Decoy Steely Spoon #2 Tri-Pack 3 - Vimage Outdoors

DECOY Single 30 Spoonin' #6

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BEYC #695 - Bored Eye Yawn Club

Iron Decoy Steely 4 spoons are constructed from the finest materials in the industry. The high-quality solid brass spoons have a jewelry quality finish. The prismatic design is highly reflective and realistic. The Lazer Sharp hooks by Eagle Claw will ensure a secure hook set. The patent pending ball chain trailer/dressing produces incredible life like action never known in a spoon until now. The ball chain trailer is excellent at causing strikes when vertical jigging through the ice.

Iron Decoy Steely 4 Frog Steely Spoon Size 4, 3 1/2, 1/2 oz, Frog

STEELY #1 Silver w/ Chartreuse – Iron Decoy

Ice Fishing Perch Iron Decoy Spoons!


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